7 Tourist Places to Visit in Sonipat, Haryana

Located around 27 miles away from Delhi, Sonipat, also called Sonprastha or Swarnaprastha, is an ancient city that attracts a lot of tourists from Delhi who are looking for weekend places near the NCR.

Founded by Pandavas during the Battle of Mahabharata, there are many places to visit in Sonipat that tourists can visit on their itinerary of this ancient city. In addition to destinations, Sonipat is also famous for its delicious local food, which is also a must-have on your trip to this city. I have compiled a list of the 7 most famous tourist places in Sonipat that are worth visiting on your trip to the city of Sonipat.

List of Famous Places in Sonipat:

1. MojoLand Park


Our first pick of famous places to see in Sonipat is MojoLand. Situated in the heart of Sonipat, MojoLand is the ideal spot to go on a trip with your family and friends. In MojoLand, everybody can enjoy themselves regardless of age or gender.

MojoLand Amusement Park is split into three areas: Adventure Park, Snow Park, & Water Park. In the Adventure Park, visitors can enjoy artificial bungee jumping, air cycling, swinging drops, zip lines, and many other activities offered by the Adventure Park courses. At the same time, Snow Park is famous for its snow activities, such as skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding.

Not to be missed is a water park in which kids, as well as adults, can have lots of fun playing while enjoying various slides at the park, including waves, rain dance, and other water-based activities. Within the complex, visitors will also find a cafe where they can enjoy some delicious food after having a lot of fun in MojoLand Park.

2. Tomb of Khwaza Khizr

Khwaja Khizr Tomb

The site was established during the sixteenth century by Ibrahim Lodi in honor of Khwaza Khizr. The Tomb of Khwaza Khizr is an old monument that lies in Sonipat and offers a very calm & peaceful environment to its visitors.

The lush greenery of this famous place in Sonipat draws many photographers because the area is filled with gorgeous scenes to capture. The Mughal architecture of the tomb is very eye-catching and houses the tomb of Khwaza Khizr, who was the beloved son of Darya Khan Sarwani. If you’re a person who enjoys visiting historic sites and monuments, then the Tomb of Khwaza Khizr is a must-place to visit in Sonipat.

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3. Baba Dham Mandir

Baba Dham Mandir

In the Jamalpura area, which is just 1 km from the Sonipat bus station, Baba Dham Mandir is another holy place to visit in Sonipat. Built in 2005, this popular temple is a magnet for a large number of people due to its impressive statues depicting Lord Hanuman, Shani Dev, and Lord Shiv.

Also, Baba Dham mandir houses an artificial cave that begins by entering the mouth of a lion and ends through the mouth of an elephant. Dedicated to all Hindu gods, Baba Dham Mandir attracts a lot of devotees, mainly during the Navratri session. If you’re in Sonipat and are looking for a tranquil place to see near Sonipat, then Baba Dham Mandir is the spot to go.

4. TDI Mall

Places to visit in Sonipat

Located on NH-1 close to Karnal bypass, TDI Mall is not the largest mall, but it has everything that a customer is looking for when visiting the mall. TDI Mall houses a theater, which allows visitors to watch the latest films before or after shopping at the most popular national and international brands.

TDI Mall also has adequate food outlets to cater to the needs of its visitors. Visitors to TDI Mall can enjoy delicious snacks at Bikanerwala & Dominos to satisfy their hunger. The mall also offers plenty of parking spaces that allow shoppers to park their cars prior to getting into the mall.

5. Jurasik Park Inn

Jurasik Park Inn

Located in Kumashpur, close to Murthal, Jurasik Park is 5th in our top 7 list of the best places in Sonipat. Jurasik Park is, as the name suggests, built on the theme of dinosaurs. While visiting there, you will find two dinosaur statues greeting you at the entrance to the park. Jurasik Park attracts a lot of visitors, mostly on weekends, and offers a variety of opportunities for visitors.

The park covers an area of around 20 acres. The primary attraction of the park is its 70-foot-high waterfall, which is accompanied by slides, a water pool, and rides. Apart from water sports, visitors visiting Jurasik Park can also indulge in amusement park attractions such as roller coasters and swing chairs, among other activities for adventure.

6. Mama Bhanja Dargah

Mamu Bhanja

Mama Bhanja Dargah is an attractive tourist place in Sonipat that demonstrates the unity of Hinduism and Muslims. Mama Bhanja Dargah is the place where you can see an abundance of tourists and devotees of every religion.

Found on old DC Road,  Mama Bhanja Dargah provides a serene atmosphere in which you can see devotees lighting candles and spreadsheets within the famous Dargah.

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7. Devi Lal Herbal Nature Park

Devi Lal Park

Over more than 180 acres, Devi Lal Herbal Nature Park is a pristine area that has more than 195 kinds of herbs that are used in the production of remedies. Situated at Chuharpur Kalan, this famous herbal park was created in 2001.

Devi Lal Herbal Nature Park also has a nursery where visitors can purchase different kinds of pots and plants. In Devi Lal Herbal Nature Park, guests can spend the night in a tranquil setting because the park provides lodging options as well.


The places mentioned above are the best to visit in Sonipat, where you can go with family and friends. Each of the seven mentioned places is worth visiting and offers a unique experience. Be sure to leave a comment on which one is at the top of your list of places to visit first on your visit to Sonipat.

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