7 Places to Visit in Hisar | Tourist Places in Hisar

Known as the Steel City of Haryana, Hisar is among the fastest-growing industrial centres in India. Famous for its silk production and automobile market, Hisar lies just 150 km from Delhi.

Founded by the Muslim ruler in 1354 A.D., there are a variety of places to visit in Hisar that tourists should visit during their tour of the steel city of Haryana. Hisar is famous for its gardens, temples, and historical sites that draw numerous tourists from all over India. Here is our list of the top 7 tourist places in Hisar that shouldn’t be missed during your time in Hisar.

Best Places in Hisar:

1. Agroha Dham Temple 

Agroha Dham

Just a few kilometres from Hisar, Agroha Dham is one of the most famous places in Hisar that draws a lot of visitors and devotees throughout the entire year. Established in 1976, this famous temple is dedicated to a Hindu god named Mata Lakshmi. This famous temple is all in one place for visitors, as Agroha Dham offers a lot of attractions. Here, visitors can visit the gorgeous pond known as Shakti Sarovar, which offers a very serene atmosphere.

If you visit Agroha Dham with kids, then near the temple, you will discover many swings, rides, and boating options to make their day unforgettable. The temple also has an impressive 90-foot-tall statue of Lord Hanuman that is easily seen from afar. Other than this, Agroha Dham has many photogenic places, so don’t forget to bring your camera along or charge your mobile before you visit this famous destination in Hisar.

2. Asigarh Fort

Places to visit in Hisar

The first historic site in our top 7 best places to visit in Hisar is Asigarh Fort. Located in Hansi, Asigarh Fort is also called Hansi Fort. Lies over an area of 30 acres. Asigarh Fort is built on the highest level of Hansi to protect the surrounding area from enemies. Although the fort is in poor condition, it is now a renowned historic site that has been protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The fort was surrounded by 20-foot-high walls that are now completely demolished. In the fort, visitors can view a resthouse as well as empty water wells and an old water storage area that was utilized during the reign of Anangpala Tomar. If you’re someone who enjoys seeing historical landmarks, then Aligarh Fort is the place to go.

3. Town Park

Town Park

The third tourist spot in Hisar we suggest checking out is Town Park. Situated in the center of Hisar, close to Dabra Chowk, this beautiful park is spread over an area of 8 acres. It’s a favourite destination for lots of people in the early morning and evening. The most popular feature of the park is the water fountains, which can be seen in the middle area of the park.

The park offers plenty of parking space where visitors can park their cars easily. Outside the Park, visitors can find a variety of food and snack stands to enjoy prior to or after visiting the park. Town Park features a specific playground for kids where children can play on a variety of rides as well as slides. If you’re someone who enjoys peace and green spots and is looking for a perfect picnic spot to visit in Hisar with the family, Town Park is the place not to be missed.

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4. Gujri Mahal

Gujri Mahal

Located in Hisar, Gujri Palace is an important historical landmark built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in 1356 to honor her beloved love, Gujri. It is said to be true that when Firoz Shah Tughlaq went on a hunt, he came across a beautiful lady selling milk and became infatuated with her. Then he created this beautiful palace for her, that now attracts many visitors from all over India.

Located just a few kilometres away from the bus station, Gujri Mahal is the most popular tourist attraction in Hisar, where tourists can view an old mosque as well as Diwan-e-Aam, which measures 80 feet long and is the primary attraction of the palace. If you’re someone who loves clicking pictures, then make sure you bring along your camera since there are numerous photographic spots that you won’t want to overlook.

5. OP Jindal Tower

O P Jindal

Located in Jindal Gyan Kendra, OP Jindal Tower, also known as Jindal Tower, is one of the top places to go in Hisar, Haryana. Constructed by the Jindal family, OP Jindal Tower is 90 feet tall and is a popular destination for tourists who are searching for the most beautiful places to visit in Hisar. Visitors can get to the top via the stairs and lift of the tower. Entry to the tower begins between 4 and 7 p.m. (Monday closing).

From the top, visitors can view the whole city of Hisar, which looks very elegant. The tower is surrounded by a lush greenery garden, which is well maintained by the authorities. The museum is located in the garden, where visitors can learn about the story and struggles of OP Jindal. If you are a person who is planning to visit with family, then for children’s garden has a playground zone where kids can enjoy various rides & slides that will keep them engaged for a while.

6. Blue Bird Lake

Blue Bird Lake

Covering an area of 20 acres, Blue Bird Lake is one of the top places for families to go in Hisar. As the name suggests, it is a beautiful lake where visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities in a tranquil setting. Blue Bird Lake has hundreds of white ducks and fish that can be easily visible. During your visit, you’ll find many tourists and locals serving food to fish and ducks.

The main attraction of the lake is its boating, which takes you on a boat ride for 30 minutes in the lake. In addition to the lake, there are bar, restaurant, and stay options too. If you are a person who loves nature, birdwatching, & peaceful locations, then Blue Bird Lake is the best hangout place for you.

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7. Deer Park

Deer Park

Situated just a few kilometres away from the bus stand of Hisar, visitors will find a peaceful & wild location that lies over an area of 48 acres where they can see 3 species of deer along with some other wild animals.

As the name suggests, the main attraction of this famous place in Hisar is its deer; here, visitors can find 3 species of deer, including sambar, blackbuck, & chital spotted deer. Apart from deer, visitors to Deer Park can see other wild animals as well, like foxes, jackals, & blue cows.


In the above list, we have listed the top places to visit in Hisar that tourists should check out during their visit to Hisar. Each of these places is suitable for family visits and makes your stay in Steel City worthwhile.

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