8 Places to Visit in Aligarh | Tourist Places in Aligarh

If you are in Uttar Pradesh and looking to visit any historic city with a diverse culture, then look no further than Aligarh. Additionally, known as Kol and Koil, there are many places to visit in Aligarh that will make your trip unforgettable.

This blog will cover the famous places in Aligarh that will save you time and clear all your doubts about what areas you should visit on your trip to this historical city. Whether you are in love with history, education, forts, and malls, this city has everything to keep you in the driver’s seat, So let’s start our list to uncover what Aligarh is famous for.

List of Places to Visit in Aligarh:

1. Aligarh Fort

Famous place in Aligarh

Whenever people talk about the best and strongest fort in India, they cannot miss the Aligarh Fort. Also known as Aligarh Quila, this beautiful structure represents the deep history of India.

Covered with beautiful greenery, Aligarh Fort was constructed in the 14th century. Currently managed by Aligarh Muslim University, this famous place in Aligarh represents Islamic rule and its rich history. Though this renowned fort in Aligarh could be in better shape, this attraction in Aligarh is always covered with tourists from around the world.

The amazing garden of the fort is covered with some beautiful flowers, chirping birds, and big green trees, which will keep you engaged with the surroundings of this amazing fort as well.

2. Naqvi Park, Aligarh

Best places in Aligarh

If you are looking for a place in Aligarh where you can take your entire family and have fun, then Naqvi Park in Aligarh is the place for you to visit. This Beautiful park covers everything for every age group. For children, here you will find a children’s playground which is well-equipped with amazing play equipment like slides, swings, etc.

This popular destination in Aligarh also covers a zoo that houses some beautiful birds and animals that you do not normally see in your daily life.

In this park, you will see many families spending and enjoying their time, as this is one of the best areas in Aligarh to enjoy a picnic. Here in this park, you can also go boating, as it features a small and beautiful lake.

So, if you are looking for the best place in Aligarh where you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones, then this is the place for you.

3. Jama Masjid, Aligarh

Famous Place in Aligarh

An Aligarh trip is incomplete without visiting the historic Jama Masjid. Being one of the most famous and oldest mosques in India, this mosque is filled with impressive architecture and has a beautiful structure.

If you are a person who loves to see and learn about the history of India, then this is the place you must visit. This tourist destination in Aligarh also holds a number of cultural and religious events throughout the year.

As this mosque is situated in the middle of old Aligarh city, you can enjoy the variety of their delicious local cuisines. From famous old restaurants to street food, the nearby area of Jama Masjid will definitely take care of your cravings.

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4. Shekha Lake Aligarh

Famous Places in Aligarh

Situated around 20 kilometers from Aligarh city, this tourist place in Aligarh is heaven for nature and bird lovers. Just like Naqvi Park, this area is best for picnics, photography, and family time. Just remember to bring binoculars with you, as this pretty location is filled with beautiful birds all year.

During your stay here, you will see many bird lovers and botanical specialists enjoying the atmosphere of Shekha Jheel. You can visit here with your family to enjoy the boating and fishing as well. Definitely, it’s a perfect getaway for relaxation or to stay away from the city’s population and workload.

5. Khereshwar Temple

Famous Place in Aligarh

Aligarh is known not only for its old fort and university but also for its temple, Khereshwar Temple. Being one of the oldest temples in Aligarh, this famous place (temple) in Aligarh is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This famous temple is also known as the Invisible Shiva Linga, as the Shiv linga here is very small in size. The architecture of this temple is also gorgeous, as it is a blend of Mughal and Rajput styles.

If you arrive or stay here until the evening, then you can also attend the aarti of this popular temple, which will showcase to you the culture of Hindus. At the time of Shivratri, you will see many Lord Shiva devotees here doing prayers.

6. The Aligarh Museum

Famous Place in Aligarh

Also known as the Sir Syed Museum, this famous museum has a unique collection of cultural items and historical artifacts that show the history of Aligarh. If you are a history lover, then we suggest you hire a guide here who will explain everything in detail. The guided tour is available in English and Hindi.

This tourist place in Aligarh attracts many tourists all over the year. The galleries of the museum are home to a wide array of works from the past that will help you understand more about the history and culture of this city.

The museum also holds many exhibitions and cultural events throughout the year. Check the calendar here to learn about the date and event.

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7. Dor Fortress

famous Place in Aligarh

This ancient fort lies in the middle of Aligarh. Like other historic places in Aligarh, this fort will also tell you more about the history of this city. It was said that the name of this fort was named after the Dor Rajputs, who ruled in this city and built this fort to save them from their rivals.

As one of the top places to see in Aligarh, you can wander around to explore the architecture, which includes the designs on the walls and intricate carvings. This fort also encompasses a small museum where you can see some ancient artwork, which will give you an idea about the history of this city.

8. Baba Barchi Bahadur Dargah

Famous Places in Aligarh

This Dargah is one of the oldest and most famous tourist places in Aligarh. This favorite place is around 605 years old (believed to have been built in the 17th century by Sufi saint Baba Barchi Bahadur.

Here at this Dargah, you will see devotees from all over the world. It is said that whoever comes here and prays with a heart gets their wish fulfilled.

If you visit here in the evening, then you will be able to attend the Qwallies, which include Sufi poetry and soulful music, which will definitely make your stay here worthwhile.

Mentioned above are the best and most famous places in Aligarh which you should definitely visit on your trip to this city. All of these places can be seen with family and friends. In this list, we have chosen only eight places to visit in Aligarh, which are the best in the entire city.

Aligarh is generally considered a safe place for travelers and tourists. We recommend that you dress modestly while visiting religious sites. Also, ensure your belongings are secure in crowded areas.
We recommend you visit Aligarh in the winter session, as the weather is quite favorable for travelers to hang around outside for quite a while.
The nearest airport to Aligarh is Agra Airport, located around 90 kilometers from Aligarh. Another airport that is close to Aligarh is IGI airport, located in Delhi, which is approximately 150 km away.

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