7 Tourist Places to Visit in Rohtak, Haryana

Rohtak, located just 70 km from India’s capital city, is one of the most famous cities in Haryana. Known for its lakes, institutes, & temples, there are many tourist places to visit in Rohtak that visitors can visit during their stay in this city. Rohtak is a city that offers many places for tourists to see. It’s known for its institutes, temples, and lakes.

As the city is well connected with the NH71A and NH-10 highways, visitors will not have any problem reaching Rohtak. In this blog, we have shared a list of famous places in Rohtak that should be on your list while visiting Haryana.

List of Tourist Places in Rohtak:

1. Tilyar Lake

places to visit in Rohtak

Tilyar Lake is the first place on our list of the top 7 places to visit in Rohtak. Tilyar Lake, located in the centre of Rohtak, is a great place for couples and families to explore the lake premises for 2 or 3 hours. Tilyar Lake is spread over 130 acres and offers various activities to visitors.

Visitors at Tilyar Lake can participate in kayaking & boating to make their visit more exciting. Tilyar Lake is not only a place for activities but also has a small zoo where tourists can see tigers and other animals like birds, deer, and panthers. Be careful with your belongings while you are sitting around the trees, as there are a lot of monkeys around. Remember to bring your camera with you while visiting this tourist place in Rohtak, as you will find many photogenic spots that you don’t want to miss.

2. Durga Bhawan Temple 

Shri Durga Bhawan Temple

Situated in Model Town, Durga Bhawan Temple is a peaceful place where you can see devotees and tourists from all over Haryana. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and attracts many devotees, especially on Mondays.

On the occasion of Navratri, the temple is completely decorated with flowers and lights as all the locals used to visit this temple. Here, visitors can see idols of all Hindu gods to worship. If you are in Rohtak or planning to visit some religious place with your family, then Durga Bhawan Temple is the place to see.

3. Banni Khera Farm

Banni Khera Farm

Banni Khera Farm is a great place to go if you’re looking for something unique to do in Rohtak. In the village of Gopalpur, Banni Khera Farm offers many eco-friendly activities and is the perfect place for pollution-free air amid a peaceful environment. Visitors can experience the old Haryanvi way of life by participating in village activities such as bullock cart rides and village walks. They can also enjoy cycling in the fields or tractor riding.

The Banni Khera Farm staff is humble and kind, and they are always ready to help their visitors. Foreigners also love Banni Khera Farm, as they can enjoy some eco-friendly activities away from the hustle & bustle of the city.

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4. Chillout Zone The Adventure Park

Chill Out Zone

Fourth place in our list of famous places in Rohtak is an adventure park with the name Chillout Zone. As the name suggests, this recreational park is the favourite picnic spot for families, as here they enjoy various adventure activities that will make their stay in the park unforgettable. 

As the park is located in rural area,  the surroundings of the park is very quiet & peaceful. Inside the park, visitors can indulge in various recreational activities like paintball, rope courses, zip-lining, & more. Under the Chillout Zone premises, they have a delicious cafe as well, where visitors can satisfy their hunger during their visit.

5. Bhindawas Lake

Bhindawas Lake

The adventure park named Chillout Zone occupies the fourth place on our list of famous places in Rohtak. As its name suggests, this recreational park is a favourite picnic spot for locals. As here, they enjoy various adventure activities that will make their stay unforgettable.

As the park is located in a rural area, the surroundings are tranquil & peaceful. Visitors can enjoy various recreational activities in the park, including paintball, rope courses, and zip-lining. The Chillout Zone also has a cafe where visitors can satisfy their hunger.

6. Sai Mandir

Sai Mandir

Sai Mandir, located just a few kilometres from the city centre, is a peaceful place that draws Sai Baba devotees from all over Haryana. The small temple is surrounded by well-maintained gardens where tourists can sit in this peaceful atmosphere for hours. As the temple is dedicated to Sai Baba, you will see many devotees here on Thursday.

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7. Merion Sky Mall

Merion Sky Tech Mall

Merion Sky Mall is the only mall located in Rohtak, Haryana. The mall located in the Sector 3 area is small, but it has three INOX multiplexes where visitors can enjoy the latest movies.

Merion Sky Mall in Rohtak is a popular tourist destination as it offers visitors the opportunity to shop, dine and be entertained all at one location. For food lovers, this three-story mall also houses Dominos and some other food courts. Outside the entry gate, kids can entertain themselves by enjoying the small slides.


We have listed the top 7 tourist places to visit in Rohtak. Tourists can visit if they wish to explore the famous destinations in Rohtak. All of these places can be visited at any time of the year. I hope you liked the content. Do mention your thoughts about this famous city of Haryana in the comment section.

Rohtak is just 70 km away from the capital city of India and is well connected with raid & road. You can follow National Highway No. 10 to reach Rohtak without any hassle.
Rohtak is an ideal city to wander in winter, as during the winter, the temperature of the city is warm and offers a pleasant environment to explore its beauty.
Rohtak is generally safe for solo travellers to explore its beauty, but we recommend you avoid visiting deserted places after dark.

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