9 Places to Visit in Ghaziabad | Best Places in Ghaziabad

Hey Readers! Are you in Ghaziabad ? and looking for the best places to visit in Ghaziabad to enjoy your day? Then we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we will guide you through the famous places in Ghaziabad that you must visit to make your day memorable and noteworthy.

This famous city (Ghaziabad) is just a few kilometres from India’s capital, Delhi. Also known as the “Gateway of Uttar Pradesh”, Ghaziabad has its own character, history, and culture. 

Interesting fact: This city has also made its place among the top 10 dynamic cities in the world.

Ghaziabad is famous for its vast list of beautiful temples, excellent malls, and famous parks. So let’s start with a countdown of the best places to go in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

List of tourists places in Ghaziabad:

1. Shipra Mall

Shipra Mall
Shipra Mall

Situated in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Shipra Mall is one of the best places in Ghaziabad to visit. Being one of the biggest malls in Ghaziabad, this place is trendy among shoppers as it has more than 50+ popular brand stores. 

This mall is also a hub for friends as a gathering place, as it houses numerous famous restaurants. In addition, here you will find a first-class theatre named the JAM Multiplex. 

This mall is also known for organizing time-to-time entertainment events for its visitors, making it one of the best outing places in Ghaziabad. Whether you are an adult or a child, this place has everything that will make you stay here for an extended period of time.

Things to enjoy here: Famous JAM Multiplex, 50+ Shopping Stores.

Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM

2. ISKCON Temple 

Iskon Temple
Iskon Temple

Iskcon temple is one of the well-maintained and beautiful temples in Ghaziabad. Arguably ISKCON is one of the most prominent organizations primarily focused on the help of humankind with the messages and lessons from the beloved “Lord- Krishna”, also known as “KANHA” and “KANHAIYA”. 

This temple is very popular among Lord- Krishna lovers throughout the year. If you are looking for peace from your daily busy routine, you must visit this magical place in Ghaziabad

Organized by ISKCON trust, while staying here, you will find this place very neat and clean, resounding with steady Lord-Krishna tunes and Bhajans, making you stay here for a more extended period of time.

As one of the famous tourist places in Ghaziabad, this place holds a lot of visitors at the time of Shree Krishna Janmashtami and other festive occasions like Deepavali, Holi, and Govardhan pooja from all over the world.

Timings: 4:30 AM–1 PM, 4:15–9 PM

3. City Forest 

CIty Forest
City Forest

If you are looking for the best picnic spot in Ghaziabad to spend quality time with your family or friends, you should head to City Forest without a second doubt. 

City Forest is one of the best areas in Ghaziabad, which has everything to make your trip worthy and memorable. This park has numerous adventure activities to enjoy, like horse riding, boating, toy train for kids, bungee jumping, and other activities. 

Located on 175 acres of land, City Forest is confined with Cycling tracks, Jeep tours, a Deer park, a Bamboo park, and Hiking and Walking trails. The landscapes and greenery in this picnic spot will let you spend more time away from the noise, pollution, and busyness of city life; so if you are looking for places to visit in Ghaziabad for weekends, then this city forest is the place to go.

Timings: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Entry Fee: INR 10

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4. Mohan Nagar Temple

Mohan Nagar Temple
Mohan Nagar Temple

Another popular destination in Ghaziabad is Mohan Nagar temple, also known as “ Durga Temple”. Located just a few steps from the Mohan Nagar metro station, this place is popular among devotees, just like the ISKCON temple. 

Visitors usually visit here as this temple is known for its beautiful architecture, amazing vibes, garden surroundings, and peaceful environment. This temple is also very close to the World Square Mall, which is well-liked by families and friends. You can also visit here to enjoy some snacks and to do some shopping.

Timings: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

5. Swarna Jayanti Park

Swarna Jayanti Park
Swarna Jayanti Park

Another best hangout place in Ghaziabad is the famous Swarna Jayanti Park in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Like City Forest, this park is also known for its adventurous activities and beautiful greenery. 

You can enjoy their boating facility, musical fountains, and Japanese garden here. You will also find many freedom fighters’ statues in the park, like Lakshmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu, and many more.

 As for children’s point of view, if you are looking for a place in Indirapuram where you can take your children for some fun, then this is the place for you as in this park there are various rides and swings available which will make their day. Swarna Jayanti Park has almost everything for every age of the person.

Timings: 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Things to do: Adventure activities

6. Drizzling Land Water and Amusement Park

Drizzling Land
Drizzling Land

Want to take your family to a nearby adventure location? If yes, and if you are looking for places to visit near Ghaziabad, this amusement park will be your perfect destination. The park is suitable for people of all ages. From its name, it is a water-based theme park launched in 2005. The park has many adventure activities and rides, encompassing a DJ house.

Do you know? What makes this place the best place to visit in Ghaziabad is its roller coaster ride, as it is one of its region’s biggest roller coaster rides. 

Apart from all these activities, there is also a separate place for events, parties, and other ceremony functions. During summer, you will find this place filled with visitors enjoying their time with their loved ones.

Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Known For: Roller Coaster and Other Adventure Activities

7. Indirapuram Habitat Center

Indrapuram Habitat Centre
Indirapuram Habitat Centre

Indirapuram Habitat Centre is another entertainment and leisure centre located in Ghaziabad. A heaven place for shopaholics as this place has many shops from local to international brands. This centre has many food stalls in it that make this place one of the best places in Ghaziabad for food lovers.

 Not famous for only its restaurants and shopping centres, this place is also known for holding live shows occasionally and is a trendy spot among youngsters as a night-out place in Ghaziabad. So if you are a food lover, shopaholic person or looking for a night out place in Ghaziabad, this is the place for you to go.

Timings: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Known For: International Brands

8. Modi Nagar 

Modi Nagar
Modi Nagar

Modi Nagar is known for its famous temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, which is also popular and known as Modi Temple. This temple is made up of red stone, which looks beautiful and covers a wide area. 

Laxmi Narayan Temple is one of the best locations in Ghaziabad, which you must visit while hanging out in Modi Nagar. This city is also trendy among food lovers, as here you will find lots of tastier local street food. But this city is also known as the famous educational hub.

Attraction Places: Laxmi Narayan Temple

9. Pacific Mall

Pacific Mall
Pacific Mall

Pacific Mall is situated in the Sahibabad city of Ghaziabad District. This mall is very close to Anand Vihar, which is in Delhi. If you are in Sahibabad and looking for a fun activity place with 150+ famous shopping brands, then Pacific Mall is the place to visit.

Here you will find lots of eating options as well. All these facilities will definitely let you spend some quality time with your friends and family here. It is one of the top places to visit in Ghaziabad.

Timings: 9:00 AM – 10:30 PM


In this blog, we have covered all the significant and must places to visit in Ghaziabad, which you should not ignore while in Ghaziabad. All of these places are famous in Ghaziabad, making your stay in Ghaziabad worthwhile.

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