7 Best Places to Visit in Jhansi | Tourist Places in Jhansi

Formerly known as Balwant Nagar, Jhansi has many tourist places which are famous for its own culture and rich history. Situated on the banks of the Pahunch and Betwa rivers this place is at the Southern part of the Bundelkhand region.

Unlike any other city in India Jhansi has everything a traveler would like to explore. Widely popular by the courageous tales of queen Laxmibai also known as Jhansi ki Rani who played a vital role in the rebellion of 1857 against Britishers.

Not only for its history but there are also many places to visit in Jhansi like stunning gardens, Wildlife Sanctuary and Temples. In this blog of Travel Hottie, we will let you know about some of the best places in Jhansi that you must visit on your trip to this city.

 Tourist Places in Jhansi:

1. Jhansi Fort

Jhansi Fort
If you are a person who adores visiting historical places, then this fort is a must-see in Jhansi. The Fort is located on the hilltop of Jhansi, this place was the center of the First War of Independence.

This place is easily accessible by public transport and can be explored entirely by a walking tour. Also, if you want to know in detail about the past of this fort, you can hire expert tour guides here who will brief you about the area and the rich history of this fort.

Built-in the 17th century, Jhansi ka Kila was made on the hilltop to stay one step ahead of the enemy’s attack, as it gives a complete and clear view of its surrounding areas from its summit.
During your visit here, you will admire the beautiful architecture made with a blend of Rajput and Mughal styles. Undoubtedly the best place in Jhansi to visit on your trip.

2. Rani Mahal

Rani Mahal

Built-in the 18th century, this well-known tourist place in Jhansi was the home of the queen of Jhansi. Located close to the Jhansi fort, this Mahal used to be where the 1st Independence War warriors strategized their actions.

During the war, a section of this magnificent palace was destroyed. Then, the Mahal is converted into a museum, where you can see antiques from the past and learn about the history of the queen of Jhansi. The Mahal’s design is very eye-pleasing as the architecture of this Rani Mahal is a blend of Rajput and Maratha styles.

3. Jhansi Museum

Jhansi Museum

A frequent stop for tourists in Jhansi, this is one of the oldest museums in India. Built by the British Government, this museum was constructed in 1874. During your stay here, you will see a lot of artifacts belonging to the Bundelkhand region.

Also known as Government Museum Jhansi, the management of this museum keeps this famous place of Jhansi very tidy and clean. Here you will also see the original photograph of Rani Laxmibai along with the war flag as well.

In the museum, you’ll not only find sculptures dating back to the war for independence’s first phase but also a wide array of artifacts from the ancient and rare period dating back to around the time of the 4th century.  If you are a historical place lover, then the museum in Jhansi is the perfect place to visit.

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4. Barua Sagar

Barua Sagar
Barua Sagar is one of the towns of historical significance in Jhansi that played a significant role in several famous battles, such as the battle of Peshwa’s soldiers and Bundelas. Nowadays, Barua Sagar is a trendy tourist place in Jhansi where you will see many visitors admiring this town’s beauty. Here you will see many families out on picnics, having a great time and enjoying the beautiful view over the entire town.

Not only known for its lake view, Barua Sagar town also has many forts and ancient temples, which are worth visiting on your trip to this city.

5. St. Jude’s Shrine

St. Jude's Shrine

Looking for some of the beautiful places to see in Jhansi? If so, St. Jude’s Shrine is the ideal place to visit. Just two kilometers from Jhansi Junction, this place is dedicated to St. Jude Thaddeus, as the locals believed that this was the location where the bone that belonged to St. Jude was buried.

Every year on the 28th of October, you can expect to see lots of people and devotees in Jhansi because this is the day that they commemorate a feast for St. Jude. So if you’re planning to visit a church to receive a blessing for yourself, this is the ideal spot to visit in Jhansi.

6. Herbal Garden

Herbal Garden

Herbal Garden, also known as Tiger’s Prowl, is one of the most stunning places to see in Jhansi District. The lovely Garden is called Tiger’s Prowl because of the famous white tiger from the Bundelkhand region.

You will see a lot of tourists here on your trip to this park. This park is called Herbal Park, as here you will see a minimum of 2,000 species of herbal plants used for medicinal purposes. If you’re located in Jhansi and searching for a place to wander with your loved ones for an afternoon picnic or photography session, Then this park must be on your list of places to visit.

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7. Parichha Dam

Parichha Dam


Situated around 25 km away from Jhansi, Parichha Dam is one of the most stunning dams in Uttar Pradesh. Parichha Dam is very popular as a picnic and boating location among locals and tourists. As per the locals, nearly 2,000 people used to visit this place daily. Since it is the primary water source, the dam’s water is utilized to support many essential activities such as farming, drinking, and electricity.

Tourists can enjoy water sports such as fishing and boating, and also, this area offers tranquil and peaceful surroundings, which is a far cry from the bustle and noise in the cities.


The places mentioned above are the top tourist spots in Jhansi that you should explore during your visit to the city. In this post, we’ve listed all the well-known places worth exploring. We hope you enjoyed the article. Please visit our blogs if you want to learn more about places to explore within Uttar Pradesh.

The ideal time to travel to Jhansi is during the winter months from October through February, when the weather is perfect for exploring the outdoors
Absolutely, Jhansi has a range of guesthouses and budget-friendly hotels that offer cozy accommodations for budget-conscious travelers.
A local guide's help can improve your experience since Jhansi is home to many historic sites essential to the nation's independence.

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