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Following Agra, Varanasi is the most visited tourist destination of India. Located inside Uttar Pradesh State, Varanasi is among the oldest cities around the globe, known for its earliest human civilization.

Also called Kashi & Banares, Varanasi is the home of 88 ghats and beautiful temples which draw visitors from all over the world. Renowned as “the spiritual capital” of India, there are numerous places to visit in Varanasi that keep you at the forefront of your entire tour of this holy city.

Varanasi is also known for its industry of silk, which exports high-quality silk all over the globe. Tourists can be seen enjoying Varanasi’s best street food options, such as Jalebi, Aloo Kachori, and Aloo Tikki.  In this blog, we have curated a list of Varanasi’s top 10 tourist places, giving you an experience you will always remember.    

Places to Visit in Varanasi:

1. Dasaswamedh Ghat

Dasaswamedh Ghat

Dasaswamedh Ghat is the most well-known ghat out of 88 ghats located in Varanasi and is the most visited tourist place in Varanasi. Located near Kashi Vishwanath temple, Dasaswamedh Ghat is one of the most crowded ghats in the city.

As the name suggests, this is the place where Lord Brahma sacrifices his ten horses. Pilgrims immensely love the ghat due to its Ganga Aarti, which takes place every night on the ghat of Dasaswamedh. 

Apart from Aarti, visitors here can spend some peaceful time boating in the serene atmosphere of the Ganga River. If you plan to visit this popular tourist spot in Varanasi to participate in its spiritual Aarti, then go as early as possible to avoid crowds and secure a sightseeing place for Aarti.

2. Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat

Another famous ghat in our list of list of places to see in Varanasi is Assi Ghat. Located on the banks of the Ganga river, it is a holy spot where famous poet Tulsidas wrote “Ramcharitmanas,” a poem on the life of Lord Ram.

Like Dasaswamedh Ghat, devotees can participate in Aarti, which is performed every morning to offer prayers to Goddess Ganga. Assi Ghat is an attractive place that isn’t as crowded as Dasaswamedh Ghat but holds numerous religious and cultural celebrations regularly, including traditional dances, yoga classes, and other activities to keep the visitors engaged.

At Assi Ghat, visitors can enjoy an excursion on a boat to enjoy the beautiful view of this tranquil ghat in Varanasi. Close to Assi Ghat, there are many places to stay and eat. As the ghat is close to BHU University, this place is the hub for students from BHU University.

3. Kashi Vishwanath Temple

kashi vishwanath

One of Varanasi’s oldest and most visited places is Kashi Vishwanath temple. Situated near Dashashwamedh Ghat, Kashi Vishwanath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples of India. Like the Golden Temple of Amritsar, Kashi Vishwanath temple is also called the Golden Temple in Varanasi because the tower of this renowned temple in Varanasi contains more than 800 kilograms of gold. Kashi Vishwanath is said to be a three-thousand-year-old temple that has been rebuilt several times because of the damage caused by numerous invasions.

The structure of this Hindu temple has been constructed using Maratha styles that look extremely elegant. Being one of the famous places in Varanasi, the temple draws thousands of worshippers daily. To beat the crowd, there is a VIP entry option; for this, visitors have to visit the temple’s official website to book their tickets online.

Any personal belongings are not allowed inside the temple complex except small wallets. Visitors must submit all their belongings to the locker before the security screening. Despite being filled throughout the day by pilgrims and devotees, temple property is neat and clean due to the tireless efforts made by the temple’s management.

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 4. Nepali Temple

Nepali Temple

Located near the Lalita Ghat, Napali Temple is one of the oldest temples in the city. Built in the mid-19th century, the Nepali Temple was built by the Nepali king in honor of Lord Shiva. The two-story temple draws many tourists due to its popularity and stunning architectural design. 

In the temple, there is a small shivling that has been worshipped by tourists and devotees. The architecture of this temple has been made by taking inspiration from the temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. If you’re a person who wants to know more about Nepali architectural and cultural traditions, then the Nepali temple is one of the top tourist destinations in Varanasi to explore.

5. Vishwanath Gali

Vishwanath Market

A trip to Varanasi is complete with visiting the shopping mecca of Varanasi called Vishwanath Gali. Located near Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Vishwanath Gali is a busy street that attracts many tourists and locals throughout the day.

Visitors to Vishwanath Gali can shop for almost everything in this local market. Vishwanath Street is well-known for its clothes, décor items, brass idols, and the famous Banarasi sarees and jhumkas.

On this famous and crowded street, tourists can taste mouthwatering sweets and snacks they have never tasted before. If you’re a person who loves shopping and possesses the ability to bargain, then Viswanath Gali will be on your list of the best places to visit in Varanasi.

6. Ganga Aarti 

Ganga Aarti

 One of the primary reasons Varanasi ranks second as India’s most visited tourist city is the famed Ganga Arti. Pilgrims and tourists from around the world can be seen in Varanasi who have traveled to this city only to watch the renowned Ganga Aarti, which takes place each day in the morning and in the evening.

To avoid the massive crowd, tourists can take a boat ride during Aarti’s time to experience this sacred event. There are over 85 ghats within Varanasi; however, we suggest going to Dasaswamedh Ghat or Assi Ghat since these are two of the most popular ghats within Varanasi, where Ganga Aarti has been performed extensively.

7. Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple

Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir

Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple is an ancient temple constructed around the end of the 18th century by a freedom fighter called Pandit Madan Mohan. This famous tourist attraction place in Varanasi draws a large number of devotees from all over the country who come here to worship Lord Hanuman to get his blessings for a better future and life.

Situated near Assi Ghat, Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple is a popular place to visit on Tuesdays, especially during the Hindu festival time, as devotees of Lord Hanuman used to see this religious place to get prasad as a blessing from Lord Hanuman. Visitors should stay cautious of monkeys within and around the temple’s premises since monkeys are often problematic for devotees, who take lots of food along.

8. Tulsi Manas Temple

tulsi manas temple

Tulsi Manas temple is located close to the famous Tulsi Ghat in Varanasi. This epic temple is where Phlosopher & writer Tulsidas finished writing “Ramcharitramanasa”, a well-known and religious poem describing the life of Lord Ram.

Built in 1964,  Tulsi Manas Temple was one of Varanasi’s least crowded and best places, providing visitors with a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The temple’s beauty is created with white marble and Shikhara-style architecture that looks extremely elegant.

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9. Sarnath


Located 10 kilometers east of Varanasi, Sarnath is an ancient religious site where Gautama Buddha gave his first sermon. This Buddhist complex is home to many stunning sites that will lead you deeper into the background of Buddhism and its culture.

In Sarnath, visitors can spend three to four hours exploring the complex’s stunning temples, museums, and sacred tree. Sarnath is also famous because of its stupas, ruins, and Ashoka Pillar, where tourists can be seen doing photoshoots amid ruins and nearby temples.

When visiting this famous place in Varanasi, you can hire an expert guide who can be easily found at the start of the entry gate of this complex, who will explain to you in detail the history of this glorious place.

10. Ramnagar Fort

Ramnagar Fort

If you’re searching for a historical site to see in Varanasi other than a religious site, then Ramnagar Fort in Varanasi is the best place to visit. Situated on the banks of the Ganges River, Ramnagar Fort is a stunning, captivating fort that draws many visitors, particularly during the season of Dussehra.

The fort was built in 1800 by the King of Varanasi, known as Balwant Singh; currently, the fort is still the residential place of his family. However, the museum, Durbar Hall, and temple can be explored by tourists in a fort.

Made by using sandstone, this beautiful destination in Varanasi is a picturesque location with lush gardens and fountains, making it an ideal place to visit on your trip to Varanasi.


Varanasi is an amazing city that always impresses visitors from all over the world. Since Varanasi has numerous top places to visit, it will keep its tourists entertained for at least a week. In this article, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the best places to go in Varanasi, that are must-visit at least once in your life.

Varanasi is easily accessible via railway, air, and road. The nearest terminal to the airport is Lal Bahadur Shastri; there are also frequent trains and buses from all over India.
You can visit Varanasi at any time during the year. However, we recommend visiting Varanasi during the winter since this is the ideal time to enjoy your day without worrying about the heat.
Yes, photography is allowed in almost every tourist place in Varanasi; however, getting permission before clicking pictures in religious places is recommended.

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