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Also called “Windy City” due to its strong windy atmosphere, Wellington is one of the most populous cities, following Auckland. Wellington became the capital city of New Zealand in 1865 because of better harbors in comparison to Auckland.

Located on the North Island of New Zealand, there are many places to visit in Wellington that attract tourists from all over the world. If you are someone who enjoys picturesque destinations and harbors, then Wellington is the place for you. Apart from harbors, Wellington is also famous for its museums, gardens, restaurants, wildlife, and art galleries.

In this post of the top tourist places in Wellington, we have put together an extensive list of the best places that you must not miss during your visit to the city that is awash with winds.

Places to Visit in Wellinton:

1. New Zealand Parliament


Also known as the Beehive, the New Zealand Parliament is one of the most beautiful buildings in Wellington, New Zealand. Beehive is a magnet for tourists due to its beauty and appeal.

Tourists can avail of the opportunity to walk through the building, which takes about an hour, during which the guide will explain in detail the history of this building and New Zealand. In a walking guide tour, visitors can visit some of the parts of the buildings with their respective guides, who will explain to visitors in detail the rich history and culture of New Zealand.

Photography isn’t allowed within the building. However, visitors can visit various picturesque locations outside the beehive to snap stunning photos with the beehive in the background.

2. Wellington Botanic Garden

Wellington Botanic Garden

Located near the city’s central business district, Botanic Garden is one of the most visited tourist places in Wellington, New Zealand. Established in 1868, Wellington Botanic Garden houses several themes, including specialized woodlands, gardens, and forests.

The garden has a cable car facility for visitors, which takes visitors up to the top of the hill while showing the park’s beautiful landscapes. Wellington Botanic Garden has many paths leading visitors to the stunning gardens of roses, Begonia House, and other areas where you can admire some of the most rare and pretty flowers in the park.

If you don’t have enough time to explore this renowned garden of Wellington, you can opt for the cable car that will take you to the highest point of the park and return you towards the end where you exit, thereby saving you time.

3. ZEALANDIA Ecosanctuary

places to visit in Wellington

The third place on our list of famous places in Wellington is the ZALALANDIA Ecosanctuary. Also called ZEALANDIA, ZEALANDIA Ecosanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary that stretches over 2.5 kilometres. It is a conservation effort to safeguard rare and endangered species of birds in New Zealand.

If you’re an avid bird and nature lover, this sanctuary should be an essential part of your trip to Wellington. ZEALANDIA offers guided tours, where staff will take you on an excursion to the sanctuary to observe kiwis, bellbirds, saddlebacks, kakas, and other birds in danger of extinction.

ZEALANDIA also provides night tours for its guests, where guests can listen to the sounds of the New Zealand bush and see Kiwi birds at work. Zealandia is also home to a delicious café where visitors can satisfy their cravings when they are done exploring the wildlife sanctuary.

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4. Old St Paul’s

Old St Pauls 1

Established in 1866 by Reverend Frederick Thatcher, Old St. Paul’s is one of the best historical places to visit in Wellington. Built in Gothic Revival architecture, this old church looks very elegant from inside and out.

The Old St. Paul church attracts many tourists because it is constructed from New Zealand timbers and has beautiful woodwork that engineers created. If you’re a history enthusiast and want to learn more about the church, you could take guided tours where an expert guide will tell you in-depth about the past of this historic church in Wellington. If you love visiting churches, Old St. Paul is the most appropriate place to see in Wellington.

5. Te Papa Museum 

Museum of New Zealand

Also known as Te Papa Tongarewa,  Te Papa is the national museum of New Zealand, known for showcasing diverse exhibits that focus on the past of New Zealand & Earth. This famous museum has five floors where visitors can spend three to four hours without boredom.

Te Papa Museum houses exhibitions that include Gallipoli, dinosaurs, earthquakes, Anzac, etc., where visitors can learn in-depth about the past, culture, and environment of New Zealand. The staff at the museum is helpful, knowledgeable, and always willing to assist visitors within the museum. This popular tourist attraction has a delicious eatery where visitors can grab some snacks at a very reasonable cost.

6. Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria

Another place on our list of popular tourist destinations in Wellington is Mount Victoria. Located at the east end of Wellington’s central business district, Mount Victoria provides stunning 360-degree views of downtown Wellington.

Visitors need to reach the top of the mountain to get the best views of the city & harbour, which can be easily reached by walking. There are also biking trails that lead to the summit of Mount Victoria. The beautiful location has been featured in numerous international films due to its peaceful beauty. Therefore, if you’re seeking the perfect picnic spot in Wellington to enjoy with your loved ones, Mount Victoria is the place to be.

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7. Wellington Zoo

Wellington ZOo

Over 30 acres of terrain, Wellington Zoo is one of the oldest zoos to visit in New Zealand. Established in 1906, Wellington Zoo is a small zoo in the centre of Wellington.Besides its size, this renowned zoo is home to a variety of animals, including giraffes, sun bears, snow leopards, chimpanzees, kiwis, and many other species of animals. 

Visitors to Wellington Zoo can easily walk along the paths while admiring wild creatures in their natural habitat. The staff and keepers at the zoo are amiable, knowledgeable, and keen to educate their guests about the animals that live there.

8. Wellington Museum

Wellington Museum

Located in the historical Bond Store building in Wellington, the Wellington Museum is free for all visitors. Like Te Papa Museum, Wellington Museum has exhibits that showcase Wellington’s culture and history. In contrast to Te Papa, this is a small museum, but it is certainly worth a visit if you’re looking to visit the best places in Wellington.


Above, we have mentioned the top 8 famous tourist places in Wellington, including museums, zoos, gardens, and other popular destinations, which you should not miss on your trip to the city of winds. All these places mentioned can be visited with families and will give you a long-lasting memory you will never forget.

Wellington is often referred to as the "city of winds," as it is a place that experiences mild temperatures and rainfall all through the year. Since the city is known as Windy Wellington, it is recommended to check the weather prior to a day out in Wellington.
We suggest you visit Wellington from October through November or between March and April when the chances are low for rain, and it is ideal for outdoor activities.
Wellington is a great family-friendly tourist destination, as it offers a variety of tourist attractions for people of all ages.

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