8 Places to Visit in Tauranga – Tauranga Tourist Places

If you’re a beachy person fond of strolling along the sand and love water sports, Tauranga is the perfect city. It lies on the North Island of New Zealand, and there are numerous tourist places in Tauranga that draw many visitors throughout the year.

In addition to beaches, Tauranga is also famous for its gorgeous gardens, stunning ports, and enjoyable climate. If you are in Tauranga or are planning to visit Tauranga, then this article is for you. In this article, we have selected the best places to visit in Tauranga that you should pay attention to on your visit to the city of beaches.

Famous Places in Tauranga:

1. Waimarino Adventure Park

Waimarino Adventure Park

Waimarino Adventure Park is one of the best family picnic spots in Tauranga. Situated in the middle of Tauranga, Waimarino Adventure Park has a wide range of water activities for families to enjoy. The park has a range of water-based sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, and water slides, where visitors can enjoy hours of fun with their loved ones.

Remember to take part in their guided tour of kayak and paddle in the tranquil waters of Lake McLaren in the evening. For children, the park offers numerous water slides where they can have fun that they won’t forget for a long time. The staff at the Waimarino Adventure Park is extremely kind and helpful and always willing to assist its guests. If you’re in Tauranga and looking for a family day out, Waimarino Adventure Park is the best place to go.

2. Mount Maunganui Summit Track

Mount Maunganui summit

Also known as “The Mount,” Mount Maunganui is an easy-to-access mountain track that provides breathtaking views of Matakana Island and the sea. Located close to Tauranga, Mount Maunganui Summit Track is a must-visit track and place if you’re looking for the most beautiful destinations in Tauranga.

Mount Maunganui is an extinct volcano that is 230 meters above sea level. The route to the mountain’s summit is approximately 4.5 km and can be completed in just 2 hours if you are in good shape. It is advised to wear comfortable shoes and clothing along the trail to ensure that you do not encounter any difficulties climbing to the summit.

3. McLaren Falls Park

McLaren Falls Park

Located just a few kilometers from Tauranga, McLaren Falls Park is a well-maintained recreational park that attracts many tourists and locals all day. McLaren Falls Park is known for its stunning scenic trails, beautiful waterways, lush greenery, and wildlife, making this famous place one of the best places in Tauranga.

Within McLaren Falls Park, tourists can also fish at certain permitted spots. The famous recreational park is also home to a delicious restaurant where guests can enjoy their meals while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the park. If you’re a photography lover or photogenic, you’ll surely become awestruck by the park.

4. Pilot Bay

Pilot Bay Beach

Another place on our list of popular tourist destinations in Tauranga is Pilot Bay. The area around Pilot Bay is well-maintained and offers stunning sunset views during the evening. During your stay, you can see many tourists and locals in the bay area enjoying various water sports, including paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, and much more.

Nearby Bay visitors can relish the delicious cuisine and ice cream. In addition to food and water sports, visitors should not miss the beautiful “Mauao” mountain rising in front of the Pilot Bay area.

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5. Adrenalin Forest 

  Adrenalin Forest Bay of Plenty

Adrenalin Forest is situated just a few kilometers from Tauranga city. Found in the Plenty region of New Zealand, Adrenalin Forest is the ideal spot that offers a tranquil setting and a serene environment with physical, teamwork, and problem-solving activities to its visitors. Here, visitors can participate in various activity levels ranging from 1 to 6, as per their difficulty.

The staff who support visitors in Adrenalin Forest is very welcoming and friendly and always willing to assist their guests. Adrenalin Forest offers a variety of activities available, such as zip lines and rope bridges. There are also swinging logs and other fun activities that will give you an unforgettable experience while you learn the skills.

6. Waihi Beach Tauranga

Waihi Beach

Located just a half hour from Tauranga, Waihi Beach is one of the most popular and clean beaches to visit near Tauranga. Waihi Beach is known for its 10 km-wide sandy beach, which provides numerous sports activities for its guests.

At Waihi Beach, visitors can indulge in various water sports, including surfing, swimming, and much more. The beach is 10 kilometers long and is filled with eateries, cafes, and plenty of shopping options. If you’re searching for an area to relax and enjoy with your kids and family, don’t skip Waihi Beach in Tauranga.

7. Mills Reef

Places to visit in Tauranga

Found in 1989, Mills Reef is one of the famous wineries close to Tauranga. The renowned winery was awarded thousands of medals and trophies for outstanding work. Visitors at Mills Reef can book winery tours to discover the process of making wine and its history in depth. The famous spot also has an exquisite restaurant where guests can taste the local dishes with a selection of fine wines.

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8. Kaiate Falls

Kaiate Falls

You are also known as Rerekawau Falls; Kaiate Falls is known for its variety of waterfalls that make your trip to the waterfalls mesmerizing and worthy. If you’re looking for an ideal picnic spot in Tauranga with beautiful scenery, then Kaiate Falls is the spot.

Situated in the Bay of Plenty region, Kaiate Falls attracts a lot of locals and tourists daily. With various walks, Kaiate Falls is the perfect spot to be free from the hustle and bustle of the city for a short duration. In summer, you can witness many people taking a dip and having fun in the water.

The places mentioned above are among the top tourist places in Tauranga that are worth exploring during your visit to the city. Tauranga is famous for its beautiful beaches and watersports, which attract many visitors. I hope you enjoyed these locations and content. Please mention in the comments box the place you’d prefer to first visit in this beach city.

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