7 Places to Visit in Connaught Place | Tourist Places in CP

A visit to the capital of India is complete with a visit to the well-known Connaught Place, also known as CP. Located near the Rajiv Chowk metro station, Connaught Place is known for its commercial and business places. While you are there, you’ll be amazed by the exquisite architectural style of this renowned town.

Designed by Robert Tor Russel in 1920, Connaught Place hosts many shops, office buildings, restaurants, parks, and cinemas. In addition to commercial facilities, there are various historical and fun places to visit in Connaught Place, where tourists can go with their family and friends. In this article, we have created a list of the 7 most popular tourist places in Connaught Place that are worth visiting on your next trip to the city that is India’s capital.

Best Places to Visit in Connaught Place:

1. Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazar

The first place on our list of famous places in Connaught Place is Palika Bazaar, also known as Palika Market or Underground Market. It is located close to Rajiv Chowk metro station gate No. 6. Palika Bazaar is a famous underground market where shoppers from all over the world are cracking the best deals on shopping stores.

Palika Bazaar is easily accessible for tourists, as several entrances into the market are being watched over by market security. Palika Bazaar is India’s only fully air-conditioned market that allows tourists to shop without worrying about heat and humidity in the summertime.

Palika Bazaar is home to over 100 shops selling bags, clothes, mobile accessories, electronic gadgets, and games. On the market, you can discover many tattoo artists who can design permanent and temporary tattoos for you for a competitive price. If you like shopping and want to explore the most unique locations in Connaught Place, this is the place for you.

2. Central Park

places to visit in Connaught Place

Located in the heart of Connaught Place, Central Park is one of the most visited parks in India’s capital. Located adjacent to the CP market (Connaught Place), Central Park is the perfect spot to unwind in a bustling city.

Central Park houses numerous fountains, gorgeous lawns, and a walking path. The park also houses many seats and benches to sit with your loved ones in this green oasis. Central Park also houses a sizeable Indian flag in the middle of the park that can be seen far away from the garden. There is a statue of Lala Lajpat Rai, a freedom fighter who played a significant part in gaining independence for India.

Central Park is the place to be if you’re seeking a picnic spot in Connaught Place to relax and spend quality moments with your family and kids.

3. Museum Of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

Located just a couple of steps away from Rajiv Chowk metro station gate number 8, the Museum of Illusions is one of the best museums and places to visit at Connaught Place if you love illusions and the wonders of science. As the name implies, the museum is filled with optical illusions rather than historical artworks and sculptures.

The Museum of Illusions is loved by all ages, particularly children, because there is much to explore and learn about in this location. The museum is also a fantastic spot to snap fascinating photos of yourself while enjoying the illusions. The staff at the museum is friendly and always available to assist you with taking pictures. We suggest you visit the Museum of Illusions during the week, as the museum gets very busy at weekends.

4. Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar

Another popular tourist destination on our list of the 7 best places in Connaught Place is a historical landmark called Jantar Mantar. It was built in the 18th century by the Maharaja of Amber, Maharaja Jai Singh. Jantar Manta is a site used to track time and predict future eclipses.

This famous historical monument in Connaught Place is home to various instruments from the past to collect information on timings. The most notable tools include Mishra Yantra, Samrat Yantra, etc.

Currently, there are students and politicians staging protests near Jantar Mantar according to their agendas. Managed by the Archaeological Survey of India, Jantar Mantar is a famous tourist place in Connaught Place, Delhi, where you can meet many tourists from across the globe.

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5. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, a prominent Sikh Gurudwara, is the most visited tourist place in Connaught Place. Known for its stunning Sarovar, peaceful atmosphere, tranquil surroundings, and delicious langar, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib attracts many visitors of all religions.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is where Guru Har Krishan stayed during the 17th century. This famous Gurudwara houses a calm and beautiful Sarovar, where you will see visitors and tourists taking a dip in the water. It has been said that the water of this lake has some healing properties that aid in curing illnesses. The Sarovar also has various small- and medium-sized colorful fish in it.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib also houses an enormous prayer hall with golden walls that look very elegant. Using a mobile phone is not allowed in the prayer hall, and we advise you to switch to silent mode while in the prayer room.

Despite their cast, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib features a meal for all its visitors, so don’t forget to taste parshada (food) in this well-known holy place in Connaught Place.

6. Agrasen ki Baoli

Ugrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Baoli is another famous destination located in Connaught Place, Delhi. Built around the 14th century during the Tughlaq era, Agrasen ki Baoli is a historic stepwell popular with tourists and locals from across the globe.

This famous historical stepwell (Baoli) was used to store water in past centuries. Today, locals believe that this famous tourist spot is haunted. This historical landmark has been featured in numerous Bollywood movies and shows, including P.K., Sultan, and others. Agrasen ki Baoli is also considered the top photography spot for photographers because this historic stepwell offers stunning backgrounds during photo sessions.

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7. Janpath Market

Janpath Market

Janpath Market is another famous market on our list of top places to visit in CP. Janpath Market is a popular shopping destination where shoppers can purchase various goods cheaply.

Known for clothes, footwear, mobile accessories, and decoration items, Janpath attracts many visitors due to its price. Remember to bargain in this shopper’s paradise to save even more on your purchase.


Above is a list of the best 7 places to see in Connaught Place, Delhi. All these places are well known among locals and tourists. On this page, we’ve selected the most famous shopping destinations, historical monuments, museums, and parks that you can go and visit with your family and friends anytime during the day. I hope you loved the content, and remember to leave a note in the comments box of the places you’d prefer to first visit during your visit to the famous city of New Delhi.

Being monitored by Delhi Police, Connaught Place is considered a safe place for tourists. Just beware of your belongings in busy places and avoid visiting deserted places at night.
You can visit Connaught Place any time of year; as the city is known as a shopping paradise, you can always see tourists here. However, Connaught Place & its tourist attractions look more elegant during the evening.
There are several historical monuments to visit in Connaught Place, including Agrasen ki Baoli & Jantar Mantar, which are very famous among locals & tourists.

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