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Travel Hottie is a well-known travel blog dedicated to helping travellers by providing tips such as best places to visit, things to do, and other details to make their journeys pleasurable.

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8 Places to Visit in Aligarh | Tourist Places in Aligarh

If you are in Uttar Pradesh and looking to visit any historic city with a diverse culture, then look no further than Aligarh. Additionally, known as Kol and Koil, there...

7 Places to visit in Gorakhpur | Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

Situated close to the border of Nepal, Gorakhpur is an enchanting city as it holds a glimpse of the modern age and the traditional ambience. Named in honor of Goraknath...

7 Best Places to Visit in Jhansi | Tourist Places in Jhansi

Formerly known as Balwant Nagar, Jhansi has many tourist places which are famous for its own culture and rich history. Situated on the banks of the Pahunch and Betwa rivers...

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